Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.

Example: Brand Identity: Logo + Commerce Site (Project 1)
Our Project 1 in Brand Identity has helped me utilize my critical thinking & problem-solving skills through applying a systematic approach to solve problems. For this project particularly, the project objectives were to design a logo for an e-commerce company and apply it to three pages of their website. An existing company similar to the client will be researched using various methods to gather as much information, insights, and understanding on the tone, values, etc. needed for establishing brand identity and website design. The designer will then develop multiple ideas for the different types of logos such as wordmark, monogram, emblem, pictorial, and abstract. All these concepts will then produce a unique symbol that best represents the brand which will then appeal to the selected target audience as an outcome. The goal is to make the viewer identify and associate the logo (as well as the overall web design) as the brand identity of Inkwell & Co.

Following the design process and thinking as my procedure to come up with the final design for the logo of Inkwell allowed me to apply a systematic approach to solving problems in the design world.

Use a variety of thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems.

Example: Design Thinking: Understanding Bias (Assignment 1)

Our Assignment 1 in Design Thinking & Strategy allowed me to utilize my critical thinking skills by asking thoughtful questions, being open-minded, practicing good communication, creative and analytical thinking helped my group and I to come up with our topic research. I was able to practice critical thinking through gathering information on the subject of Gender Bias particularly in children’s toys being (gendered) career-themed and how it reinforces gender norms. Based on deductive reasoning, I was also able to determine which pieces of information apply to our topic of research and which is not.

Additionally, having done a thorough research to explore our topic, I was also able to come to a conclusion demonstrating my ability to solve problems and use of critical thinking skills.