infographics about electric vehicles on a mockup
Project Overview
The main objective of the project is to create and design an informative infographic tailored for Ontarians, aiming to enhance their understanding of electric vehicles (EVs) by presenting information on the benefits and challenges of purchasing and using electric vehicles.

The project involved extensive research on electric vehicles, considering various aspects such as environmental impact, cost analysis, government incentives, charging infrastructure, and technological advancements. 

The acquired data was then organized and presented in a visually appealing infographic format.

The main target audience for this infographic are interested retirees. The title "Why switch to electric cars?" serves as a call to action. Recognizing the perspective and considerations of this audience, all the information in the infographic is beneficial: benefits, additional knowledge about electric vehicles such as types, charging options, range, costs, and data alike. ​​​​​​​

Typography: Only a single typeface was used throughout — specifically, Montserrat. This strategic decision to stick with a consistent sans-serif font aligns with the principles of simplicity and user-friendly design. The utilization of Montserrat not only contributes to a cohesive visual identity but also serves a functional purpose by enhancing readability and ease of processing information. The focus on simplicity and readability reflects a user-centric approach, catering to the preferences of the target audience. 

Layout: To maintain balance and alignment, a column grid was used. Moreover, the illustration with neat and light line-art was created to represent different types of vehicles and charging options. 

Colour scheme: Utilizing a monochrome colour palette contributed to a clean and uncluttered visual representation. This simplicity aids in reducing visual noise, allowing the audience to focus on the content without distraction.

infographic about electric cars and their benefits