Project Roles 
- Layout Design
- Photography
- Typesetting

Project Overview
The 'Rooted' magazine is a type layout project exploring the world of plants. 
Note: most text content is from Rodale's Encyclopedia of Indoor Gardening. 

Concept: A magazine about plants! Rooted educates readers on plant care through beautiful layouts and practical articles. It fosters a connection with nature by teaching people how to understand and nurture their greenery.

Typography: For headlines, Rooted uses the font Campaign Serif as it adds a touch of refinement to the magazine's overall aesthetic. The font's sleek lines and well-defined serifs complement the botanical imagery all throughout the magazine. For the main text, a clean font named Arboria makes it easy to read all about plant care. This keeps the magazine balanced and interesting to look at.

Colour Scheme: Inspired by nature, the palette uses calming greens, warm yellows, and peach tones, with earthy terracotta accents as these colors create a peaceful and inviting feeling. The greens represent growth and connection to nature, while the terracotta adds a touch of earthiness. Yellows bring a burst of sunshine, and the peaches add a calming balance, encouraging readers to relax and enjoy the magazine.